Facewatch: Facial recognition security systems

Secure cloud-based platform that uses facial recognition technology to send instant alerts when subjects of interest enter business premises.

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UK Leading Facial Recognition Security System

Facewatch creates safer working environments, reduces lost revenue and is more affordable than you think.

Facewatch is one of the UK’s leading facial recognition companies. Facewatch’s cloud-based facial recognition security system safeguards businesses against crime. Our facial recognition technology sends you instant alerts when subjects of interest enter your business premises.

It is the ONLY shared national facial recognition watchlist. Simple, secure and affordable, we are the premier choice of retail security companies in the UK. Facewatch is proven to stop crime before it happens. It’s time for businesses to self-help, take a stand, and proactively tackle the issue of theft head on.

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Facewatch Advantages

Real Time Alerts

Using facial recognition technology, Facewatch matches faces against known offenders within seconds of them entering your premises and sends an instant alert for verification and action.


You have complete peace of mind regarding data protection, we use bank grade security and take on full data controller responsibility for the sharing of faces and associated warning flags.


With Facewatch’s facial recognition system, you will have full access to our complete database of persons of interest, in addition to your own watchlist images. The all-inclusive watchlist is then shared by geography with every Facewatch subscriber.

Report & Upload

We know what customers demand from biometric facial recognition companies. That’s why our digital incident reporting and intelligence sharing platform makes it as easy for you as possible to capture, report and upload information and digital images.

What our clients say

"I would highly recommend Facewatch to any retailer experiencing any type of theft or anti- social behaviour"

Siobhan Kos-Hodge, Head of Retail, Luton Town FC

Luton Town FC

"Since installing Facewatch we have seen a reduction in losses of over 25%."

Paul Wilks, Owner, Budgens Aylesbury


Masterlord, Ipswich

Masterlord wanted a thermal solution which was automatic and didn’t require any human input, we installed the Thermal Turret inside the reception of masterlord which had a clear picture of all customers entering.

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