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Hikvision 4K Ultra HD CCTV Camera System


4k has never been so readily available and affordable. Hikvision offer true 4K quality on your CCTV image in a wide range of cameras, offering the user 4K playback and recording. With 8 megapixels its great when enhancing the picture for crime purposes, and with built in video analytics performance that will aid the camera in covering large areas.

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4K is now readily available across many types of technology and has never been so affordable in CCTV. Hikvision offer true 4K CCTV quality in a range of cameras. Providing users with 4K playback and recording. 4K will give the user 8 megapixels to use when enhancing the picture for crime purposes. 4K Cameras have built in video analytics performance that will aid the camera in large areas.

Every 4K Ultra HD camera is capable of offering video at 8 megapixel quality using a full frame rate of 25/30fps or higher. When using 4K cameras you not only improve the quality but you can use less cameras when covering a large area due to the megapixel available on a 4K Camera.

IP Cameras are intelligent cameras, not all cameras have to have a cable run back to the main recording box. Several IP Cameras can be fed into a POE switch, which then requires just one cable back to the NVR recording box, this saves on cable, mess and time. For large homes and businesses this means that all cameras do not have to be run back to the NVR.

The following is included

  • Hikvision NVR Network video recorder NI 8 Channel
  • Hikvision 8MP (4K) digital IP Dome cameras
  • 2TB Seagate Barracuda CCTV HDD minimum storage
  • Superb night vision
  • Cable to install the cameras
  • HDMI Cable for connecting to your TV
  • Network cable to connect your router
  • USB Mouse
  • Full installation of your CCTV System
  • APP Setup across all devices
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Friendly professional installer
  • Superb after sales service

System Spec

NVR Recorder

  • Support existing IP Cameras
  • Record upto 12megapixel
  • Display 4K images on a 4K TV
  • Manage HDDs locally
  • Support POE (power over Ethernet) x 8


  • Support 4K recording
  • On board microphone
  • Vandal Proof
  • Water Proof
  • HD Real time
  • Full HD and upto 4K
  • On board recording to a SD card
  • Some cameras support Wifi

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