Alarm Kit Cam | Instant Notifications | Door & Motion Detector, Hub2, Keyfob |

£999.99 inc. VAT

Instantly notifies you and your security company in case of a housebreaking. Within 9 seconds from an instant motion alarm you’ll receive a photo confirmation to evaluate the situation.

> Hub 2 Control Panel
> 2 x MotionCam PIR/Camera Detectors
> 1 x DoorProtect Opening Detector
> 1 x Keypad
> Home & Street Siren

Arrival Time: 8-9am Completion: 4-5pm

Alarm Colour

Select your alarm colour


Increase your protection

Add extra items to your alarm kit, from extra Keyfobs to sensors. Find out more below.

MotionCam Indoor Sensor
Outdoor Motion Camera
Motion Outdoor Detector
DualCurtain Outdoor
Indoor Sensor
Fire detector
Leak detector
Home Siren
Street Siren
Product price: £999.99 inc. VAT
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Foundation for maximum protection

AJAX Alarms are the starting point for constructing a comprehensive security system for protection against intrusion.

It can be connected to up to 150 various detectors and 50 cameras.

The kits are scaled to rooms of any size due to additional devices: two-level apartment, three-storey mansion, office, shop or cafeteria, storage room.

Shop’s & Cafeteria’s
Home’s & Apartment’s

Increase your protection

Add more protection to your system with added sensors and detectors.

Outdoor Motion Camera

  • Smart motion detection
  • Photo verification
  • 175 m2 detection area
  • Hood Included
  • Dust & Water Resistant

DualCurtain Outdoor

  • Smart motion detection
  • Two independent detectors in one
  • 30m detection range
  • Weatherproof design

Indoor Sensor

  • Smart motion detection


  • Contactless key fob for security management
  • Simultaneosuly works with 13 hubs
  • Guest Access

Fire detector

  • Smoke detector
  • Temperature detector
  • Carbon monoxide detector

Leak detector

  • Flood detector
  • Notifies when the water dries up

Home Siren

  • Compact home siren
  • Connect an additional LED light if needed

Street Siren

  • Reinforced Street Siren
  • LED indication of system state
  • Adjustable volume: 85 to 113 dB

Controlled with apps

AJAX refused to add buttons to their control panel and to use archaic interfaces. Apps are more comfortable and safe. They connect to a hub using a secure channel with Ajax Cloud — our server solution located at several AWS data centers.

Apps allow users to control security, edit hub settings, configure connected devices, create scenarios, and monitor events. From a smartphone or PC. While on-site or away.


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