Our Installation Process

16th October 2019

When we arrive at your property on the morning of your installation date, we will decide with you upon the best locations for the cameras in order to capture what you would like and to get a clear picture. If you have had us round to visit your property for a free quote beforehand, we would have already discussed and finalised your camera positions ready for installation day.

First, we fix the cameras plates to the wall, drilling holes for the raw-plugs and then screwing them to the wall. Once the cameras are in position, we will then neatly hide all the cable running back to the Digital Video Recorder (DVR), the routes the cables will take will be discussed with you beforehand to ensure you are happy with their concealment.

Finally, once all the cables are running back to the DVR, we are then ready to connect your DVR up to your monitor or television, this can be from your existing home setup or we can provide a monitor at an extra cost. We will then take you through how to use your CCTV or Alarm system so you can take full control of it, as well as assisting you to set up any smartphones and tablets you would like to have access to remote viewing.

Before leaving your property, we will do a full clean-up of our working areas ensuring your property is left as we found it.

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