Hikvision AcuSense

Accurate Alarm for Humans and Vehicles

Our AcuSense Live-Guard Camera, provides you an all-in-one Security Camera which includes an in-built speaker with the option of a voice warning message or siren alert and strobe light which can activate when a person and/or vehicle are detected. You can also easily arm or disarm selected cameras or the entire system from your mobile phone app.


AcuSense devices recognize whether the alarm was triggered by a person, a vehicle, or another object based on the deep-learning algorithm.

A feeling of security is a universal human need. And beyond physical, bodily security, people need to know that their environment, investments, and belongings are safe as well. Security systems are installed in homes and businesses every day to create that sense of security. Compared to conventional sensor-based alarm systems, a surveillance system that utilizes cameras has several advantages:

  • The ability to watch events in real-time,
  • Obtaining key data around those events, and
  • Providing solid and accurate evidence for law enforcement.

Conventional CCTV Camera v AcuSense

Convenional CCTV

  • Camera can only provide evidence after crime

Convenional CCTV

  • Strobe light and audio alarm for driving intruders away, real-time and efficient alerts for prompt action

Application Scenarios

Alarm Receiving Center / Monitoring Center

Improve Alarm Accuracy and Search Efficiency

Security monitoring is never an easy task, especially when you’re responsible for watching over multiple locations at the same time.

For Burglar Alarm Service
Traditional sensor-based or VCA-based burglar alarm services may be distracted with alarms triggered by insignificant objects, for example, a cat, a dog, or a beam of light. With an advanced algorithm, AcuSense devices can easily distinguish human and vehicle targets among other objects, and sends an alarm when and only when such intrusion events occur. Other events will also be stored, but will not be flagged for attention.

For Playback and Video Search
Searching for a specific clip from an ocean of footage is time-consuming. With AcuSense devices, clips or files that are already classified as people or vehicles become much easier to locate after an event.

Restricted Areas

Customizable Visual and Auditory Warning

Restricted areas or dangerous areas usually have signage to warn people of danger. People ignore these signs from time to time, resulting in serious consequences, trespassing in high-security zones, or enduring unfortunate incidents.

With an AcuSense camera, you can customize an audio message to be sent when the camera detects someone attempting to enter the area.

The human voice is a much more powerful warning compared to just a written sign. Trespassers are also more likely to turn back when they see a camera monitoring the area.


Intrusion Detection and Deterrence for Home Security

Whether you choose to keep an eye on the house yourself or hire a professional service provider to look after your home, there’re two functions you will surely want to have:

Prompt Notification via Smartphone
Whether events will be taken care of by you or someone else, it’s also good to have first-hand information. You’ll get a notification on the App or via SMS when the alarm is triggered. Then check out the live video from your phone.

Light and Sound Intruder Deterrence
Knowing what the suspect looks like is important, especially for providing evidence to police. However, property losses have already occurred at that time. It would be even better if there were means that can provide on-site deterrence and prevent any loss at all. Now you can!

AcuSense Network Camera can be set to react to intrusion events with a flashing light and customizable siren, alerting any would-be intruder that they are being monitored and have already been spotted.


Accurate Trespass Alarm, 24 Hours a Day

Factories and warehouses store high-value raw materials or commodities. Security here is crucial. However, there is usually only limited manpower to perform such tasks.

Replace Security Patrols with Camera Monitoring
Using AcuSense products can greatly improve perimeter monitoring efficiency and ensure that limited human resources can be deployed only where most needed.

Accurate Trespassing Alarm for Human Targets
Factories and warehouses mostly deal with human intrusion events, which might turn into burglary or vandalism.

The security team can set their AcuSense devices to send alerts only upon the detection of a human intrusion. Wild animals crossing the line will no longer trigger the alarm.

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