How does CCTV work ?

Each camera requires one cable only. This one cable provides all that the camera needs to work and provide you with clear Full HD pictures. Depending on what system you have all cables will feed back into the main CCTV recording unit.

How do you install CCTV at my home ?

We choose each camera location with you before the install begins, we then decide on an area where we run all cable back to. The cables will need to connect to the main recording unit which normally is installed in the loft/upstairs bedroom or a hidden cupboard. We don’t recommend installing the CCTV unit by the television as this is easily stolen.

We will then connect the main recording unit to the internet using powerline adapters, which run the internet through the mains power. After we have installed all the cameras we shall then setup the smartphone APP along with any other extras.

How many days to the cameras record for ?

We price every job to give you at least 4 weeks recording, we can of course adjust this to your requirement.

What does the quoted price include ?

The quoted price includes the equipment and full professional installation of the CCTV system from start to finish. Every install we carry out is covered by 3 year warranty. We fully demo the system in detail and setup every smartphone you require.

Will my house be covered in wires?

Security Smart UK are a professional friendly team who install CCTV across a number of homes, the last thing we do is come along and cover your beautiful home in cable. We do our upmost to hide all cables, we do not like cable being visible as this is not a professional job and the cable can be cut easily. Our installers are extremely neat and will hide cable 90% of the times.

Is there a warranty?

All Security Smart UK installs are covered by 3 year warranty that includes the installation and all hardware used.

Is your CCTV any good ?

Yes we have all seen the poor CCTV pictures on crimewatch, all security smart UK cameras are Full HD minimum we recommend going for something a little better, there is so much choice when it comes to CCTV and all cameras we supply have exceptional night vision otherwise what is the point in having the cameras installed ?

I have my own equipment can you install it for me ?

We only install equipment supplied by Security Smart UK, we are authorised and Certified by Hikvision UK.
We cannot install equipment that we don’t supply as we are not insured to do so.

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