Social Distancing Occupancy Control Solutions

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are having to comply with Government guidance and Social Distancing restrictions to control the number of visitors entering their facility or building.



Density Control

Keep count of your customers

In the current unprecedented climate, in order to enable social distancing, it’s imperative that buildings and facilities limit the number of people allowed inside.

Many supermarkets, for instance, have a current maximum of 100 people let in at a time.

To help prevent the spread of coronavirus, public places are required to control the number of people in specific areas. Incidents such as panic buying and subsequent lack of supplies can occur when supermarkets or other spaces are overcrowded.

Post Office

Post Offices







Density Control Solutuions

Keep count of customers in your business.

Single Door Camera Standalone
Single Door with I Series NVR
Multi-Door I Series NVR

Single Door with I Series NVR


  • Ideal for retail shop with single entrance/exit
  • User friendly and informative real time data screen displays maximum number accepted and current number inside store with green or red warning signs
  • Ideal for placing near entrance, so customers can identify the display
  • Fast deployment, only one camera, one NVR and one monitor required

Solution Products

  • People Counting Camera
  • I Series NVR
  • Monitor

Our Work

Our recent installations

Masterlord, Ipswich

Masterlord wanted a thermal solution which was automatic and didn’t require any human input, we installed the Thermal Turret inside the reception of masterlord which had a clear picture of all customers entering.

Argus Media, Holborn

Argus Media required 3 entrance/exits covered by thermal solutions. The main door was too open which needed a bespoke solution, we recommended the thermal handheld gun solution mounted on a tripod, this gave the best coverage and results from staff entering.

HikVision ColorVu 4MP CCTV System

Security Smart UK, were contacted by Anne to urgently install CCTV cameras for 2 elderly neighbours. There had been several break-ins in the area and one of the customers had recently lost her partner and was quite worried about her security.