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At Security Smart UK we only use Hikvision cameras on our installations, they are the leading manufacturer of CCTV cameras providing great quality. We are Hikvision partners so you can trust that your system will be installed to the highest standard.

Our systems allow you to take complete control of your properties security no matter where you are, set up notifications to let you know when the motion sensors on the camera are triggered, move and view your cameras and see your footage all from your smartphone or tablet. We deliver smart security services to our customers across Colchester, Chelmsford, Essex, London, East Anglia and the South East.

Book your CCTV installation online and select your installation date during the checkout. A deposit of only £189 is required online with the rest paid after the installation is complete.

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Thermal CCTV

Monitor human body temperatures as they enter your place of business

Thermal Cameras

Handheld Thermal CCTV

Monitor human body temperatures anywhere

Handheld Cameras


High Definition cameras to get your property secure, perfect when on a budget.

HD Cameras

ColorVu CCTV

Built in light enables amazing colour pictures at nightime.

ColorVu Cameras


Superb quality and value for money, 3 x the quality of Full HD

6MP Cameras


View your property in ultra high definition with our 4K Hikvision cameras.

4K UHD Cameras

High Definition Cameras

See everything in crystal clear quality

ANPR Cameras

Recognise & log numberplates

Remote Viewing

Control & view from your phone/tablet

20-40M Night Vision

Amazing definition at night time

31 Day Recordings

Easily accessible playback

4K Cameras

See everything in extra detail

Case Studies

Masterlord, Ipswich

Masterlord wanted a thermal solution which was automatic and didn’t require any human input, we installed the Thermal Turret inside the reception of masterlord which had a clear picture of all customers entering.

read more

Argus Media, Holborn

Argus Media required 3 entrance/exits covered by thermal solutions. The main door was too open which needed a bespoke solution, we recommended the thermal handheld gun solution mounted on a tripod, this gave the best coverage and results from staff entering.

read more

Further Information

At Security Smart UK our installers pride themselves on their neat and tidy installations, our installers treat your property as if they were working on their own home. Our installers have experience in the security and also IT industries for over a decade. We can provide full security system from design to installation.

Free Quote & Visit
We offer a free visit to your property to talk through what you might want/need and explain how our systems work. It’s a no pressure visit, and you will not be pressured or obligated to purchase anything.

Staying Ahead
We stay up to date with the latest developments in our industry so we can offer our customers the best products available for their needs.

Fully Installed
All our systems are full installed by trained installers.

When we arrive at your property on the morning of your installation date, we will decide with you upon the best locations for the cameras in order to capture what you would like and to get a clear picture. If you have had us round to visit your property for a free quote beforehand, we would have already discussed and finalised your camera positions ready for installation day.

First, we fix the cameras plates to the wall, drilling holes for the raw-plugs and then screwing them to the wall. Once the cameras are in position, we will then neatly hide all the cable running back to the Digital Video Recorder (DVR), the routes the cables will take will be discussed with you beforehand to ensure you are happy with their concealment.

Finally, once all the cables are running back to the DVR, we are then ready to connect your DVR up to your monitor or television, this can be from your existing home setup or we can provide a monitor at an extra cost. We will then take you through how to use your CCTV or Alarm system so you can take full control of it, as well as assisting you to set up any smartphones and tablets you would like to have access to remote viewing.

Before leaving your property, we will do a full clean-up of our working areas ensuring your property is left as we found it.

When you buy a CCTV package from us, we will provide everything needed for the installation. There are no hidden costs or surprises once we arrive on the day.

As well as the chosen amount of cameras and camera type we will provide the following:

– Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
– Surveillance Optimised Hard Drive (Size depends on package)
– All cables required to install cameras direct to the DVR
– HDMI Cable to connect the recorder to your TV/Monitor
– Network cable to the router/internet
– Configuration of smartphone and tablet applications for remote viewing
– USB Mouse
– After sales support
– 3 Year Warranty

Camera resolution is defined as the amount of detail that a CCTV camera can capture. Resolution is measured in pixels. A higher number of pixels means more detail and larger images without blur or being grainy.

Megapixels Resolution
2MP 1920 x 1080
4MP 2560 x 1440
6MP 3072 x 2048
8MP 3840 x 2160

A good rule of thumb is to have enough resolution where it is required, not automatically upgrade your CCTV cameras to the highest resolution simply because they are available.

For number plates and faces
If you want to capture number plates and recognise people’s faces, buy at least 2-megapixel CCTV cameras — based on our experience. A 1080p Full HD IP CCTV is able to identify number plates and faces within 10metres in daylight.

Covering wide areas of property
Higher resolution means greater coverage and fewer cameras needed to monitor your property.

If you want to monitor a wide range of your property, such as your farm, barn or yard, buy at least 4MP IP security cameras (systems). One of the most compelling advantages of 4mp and higher megapixel IP cameras is the combination of situation awareness and image details, which allows you to view wider areas and see more image details.

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Give us a call on 01206 670002 to discuss your requirements, or leave us your details below and we will give you call back. We offer a free property visit and quote if you are unsure what you require.