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Business CCTV Installation & Maintenance around Essex & Suffolk

Since every property is different, we prefer to visit each premises before we begin our work. This allows us to scout the best location for your cameras, decide which cameras would be best for your needs, and to provide you with a quote, after which we can begin the installation.

Our installation services are quick and tidy, with minimum disruption to your business. We aim to make all signs of the installation as discreet as possible, so the look of your property isn’t affected by the addition of cameras and cables.

Maintenance Contracts /

The last thing you want is for a crime to be committed at your business premises when your CCTV systems have stopped working. A number of things can go wrong with a security system if it’s installed and not maintained, which can affect their reliability and whether they capture any footage at all. That’s why we offer maintenance contracts for all of our products, keeping you covered in the event that something goes wrong with your equipment with regular servicing and checks. Also, all of our products are covered by our 3 year warranty.

Our maintenance contracts include:

  • Inspection of all cameras for clear high quality
  • Cleaning all camera housing and lenses
  • Checking cameras are facing and viewing the correct angle
  • Making sure time and date is correct on the NVR/DVR
  • Checking hard drive is working and recording
  • Playing back footage and testing each playback on camera
  • Carrying out video tests
  • Testing and checking each CCTV cable
  • Ensuring smartphones and devices apps are up to date
  • Updating firmware across all cameras and NVR recording box
  • Testing remote connection for admin

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