5 Home Security Tips for Christmas & New Year

9th December 2019

Social Media
You never know who could be looking or following your social media profiles, your information is as safe is everyone thinks it is. More and more frequently people are being targeted by criminals when they are knowingly away from their premises due to social media activity, whether it’s a post on a beach or a tagged location. Don’t shy away from posting on social media but be smart post the photos when you return or at later time.

Update your locks
Burglars become familiar with certain locks, and have developed methods to defeat them, so it’s important to have modern, professionally fitted locks. If you have any doubts, a qualified locksmith (such as a Master Locksmith Association member) can help you choose and install suitable locks to meet insurance requirements.

Secure your windows
To ensure your home is safe, you must remember to lock your windows whenever you leave the house, and in the warmer months you should avoid leaving them open at night as this provides an easy entrance point for burglars. You should also check the condition of your windows frequently, as rusty locks and rotten frames can make access even easier.

Hide Valuables & Keys
Make sure you store valuables such as jewellery, tablets and other gadgets out of sight as they can attract opportunistic thieves — and burglars aren’t known for resisting temptation. You might also want to consider investing in a safe. It’s also advisable to keep your car keys hidden as many burglars will break into homes just to take cars. Keep your keys away from your front door to avoid ‘letterbox fishing’, a tactic where burglars use a fishing rod or long magnetic implement to grab keys through a home’s letterbox.

Purchase a CCTV or Alarm System
If your serious about security then you might want to consider a CCTV or Alarm system. As well as providing another layer of security to your home it could help reduce your home insurance premiums. Of course, once installed you need to make sure you use it, setting the alarm when you leave the premises and making sure your hard drives are constantly working to record footage should you need it.

If you are interested in an extra level of security, Security Smart UK can help. We can supply and install a CCTV or Alarm system at your property to meet your individual requirements. We offer a free visit to talk through your requirements and explain the type of security system we could provide to suit your needs.

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