Add a layer of security over your loved one or your own property. When the doorbell rings you have no idea who is at your front door with crime on the increase and burglars deliberately ringing the doorbell to find out if anyone is home we must be more vigilant within our homes.

The Hikvision intercom adds a extra layer of protection to your safety, have an older relative who is scared to open the door at night? or perhaps you would like to see who is at the door?

The Hikvision intercom has a camera built in complete with the doorbell which connects to a intercom screen inside the property enabling you to view who is at your front door. You can speak back to them and see who it is before you open that door.

Perhaps your away on holiday and wish to know who visits your home with the Hikvision intercom system it will integrate with your smartphone so you can talk back to your intercom anywhere in the world.

Hikvision’s Visual Intercom System enhances that human element to an electronic mode of communication – by allowing callers to see each other. But that’s not all. They also included a list of intelligent features that just might surprise you. This Visual Intercom extends surveillance capabilities, adding a level of safety to a user’s home. It creates a hub for emergency responses. It adds an access control dimension to reinforce a sense of safety in the home or workplace. And there echo-cancellation technology ensures high quality voice transmission, providing an exceptional user experience. All this and more can be easily managed with Hikvision’s mobile app.

Video Surveillance

Aside from the basic visual intercom functions, this system enables seamless compatibility with Hikvision CCTV systems, using the door station as an outdoor IP camera for video recording via connection to a Hikvision NVR.

Unit-to-Unit Video Calling

When applied, the unit-to-unit video calling feature can facilitate communication among owners in different apartment units.

Access Control

The visual intercom system controls access using a door station equipped with a card reader, so visitors can open the door by swiping a registered card. Cards are issued to the apartment buildings according to the reading capacity of the door station system – a maximum of 2500 cards for each apartment building. All successful swipes will be captured and uploaded to the control center.


Indoor units can be connected to the detectors in the 8-Zone Alarm Defense System. Residents can organize or withdraw from a defence system and the alarm signals will be sent to the control center and security officer.


Friendly User Interface

Designed to flatten and visualize information, and using Windows 8 Metro, the friendly interface on these indoor units is easy for anyone to use.


In a large house there can be several intercom stations, with one of them set as primary. When this primary house phone station receives a call, other stations also ring.

“Called Security Smart UK after i was burgled they were out the next day advising me on what cameras to use for my property and gave me a plenty of information on the CCTV cameras. There staff were efficient and very professional on my property. Would highly recommend them for a more personal approach to business.”


“Security Smart UK and the team installed a FULL HD IP System for my mother due to break ins on the street and was obviously worried for her i can now view her house from my iPad and receive motion detection alerts which is great peace of mind for me. Can’t recommend the team enough thanks again”