How we work

When it comes to getting a CCTV system or similar installed it can often cost less than you think and we will take care of all the stress. At Security Smart UK we will take care of you every step of the way, making the process extremely straight forward. We only use HIKVision cameras which provide unrivalled quality and functionality as well as providing great value for money. Every installation is different, which is why we do not like to set a exact price without visiting your property first, for free of course, to view where best to place the equipment. Below you can find a more detailed look at the process broken down.

Free Quote – Property Visit

Some companies prefer not to visit your home or business when quoting but we always visit as we like to meet our customers face to face we like to give you an unrivalled personal service where we can showcase you some of technology we have on offer. Every home is different and a home visit is a must. There is no charge for this and we offer same week install dates for customers who have been a victim of a recent crime.

Arrange Installation Date

When it comes to installing your system we try to be as flexible as possible and try to accommodate immediate install dates we work on the weekends and evenings when possible. We will treat your property with great care and attention to make sure there is no damage caused. Our trained HCSA vetted installers will take care of all of the work.


When it comes to the installation we like to treat your property with the respect it deserves it’s a beautiful home or a successful business and perhaps the thought of cables or holes being drilled doesn’t sit well with you, which we totally understand no homeowner wants to see cables visible. We would consult the customer on a preferred install route if you wish to leave that to us, we try our best to find routes out of site either behind guttering or inside the loft hiding cables beneath the cameras itself.

Run Through

Once all the cameras have been fitted and are all fully working. We shall commence setting up of the NVR and setup smart technologies such as intrusion and motion detection (where applicable). The Hikvision system is very user friendly but we will give you a full demo of how to use the CCTV to its full potential. We would then setup remote access from your mobile devices, iOS and android devices are fully supported. Once you are fully happy we would leave your premises.


Protect Your Home Against Crime

CCTV provides a FULL HD visual deterrent against anti-social behaviour, vandalism, theft and the biggest threat burglary. Installing CCTV will not only save you money in the long run but it will protect your home your biggest asset and your family inside. Having CCTV is a must with some of finest technology at our fingertips to protect you.


Bespoke Installation

In our eyes every installation is different and we tailor every product for your home or business. After the initial contact we visit your premises and give you a consultation on what we think is best for your property. We will come to you with examples of our previous work and we will showcase you some of the finest CCTV equipment there is at our disposal for your property.


Remote Viewing

With all our systems we offer a fully functional CCTV app which can be used across all devices. We can set this up for you so you can see your CCTV images across the world. Motion detection alerts can be setup straight to your smartphone or tablet, watch your footage direct from your sun lounger whilst on holiday.