Smart CCTV

Anybody can just install a few cameras but what if we could improve your security with features so advanced you might just be able to stop and catch the intruder? Our most popular smart feature is Face Detection. The Smart CCTV camera will automatically take a picture of any human face that comes onto your property and store it on your NVR box. You can view all the recordings related to that human face.

For example, if I was to visit your property on several occasions by clicking my face you will see all time and dates I was on your property, pretty clever don’t you think.

If you own a shop where frequent customers visit you can obtain a blacklist of human faces who have committed a crime in your area from the local police force. Likewise, with ANPR number plate reading, if you have a number of cars that visit your premises you can obtain a blacklist of number plates known to be involved In crime. So, when that blacklisted face or number plate is on your premises an alarm can be sent to your smartphone for example. We have smart cameras starting from £485 so message the team today for more information.

With Hikvisions range of 4 and 6 Line cameras we have advanced smart technology out our fingertips.

Below you will see examples of the smart features we can use to protect your home and property.


Hikvision Smart NVRs

With Hikvision Smart IP Solution, one can easily track an illegally- parked vehicle, a specific person’s face, vandalism of camera equipment, other accidented events via the Smart Search & Playback feature.

Face Detection

Applying Hikvision’s face detection technology, the 4-line network camera can accurately detect human faces, analyze their facial features, and trigger an alarm.

Intrusion Detection

In the case of intrusion detection, the 4-line camera simultaneously auto- triggers the alarm and event recording. Applying the latest algorithms, it automatically analyses the intruder’s dimension ratio to reduce false alarms. These features are extremely beneficial for defined area protection.

Line Crossing Detection

This function can detect objects such as persons or vehicles crossing a defined virtual line. It is an ideal solution for monitoring entrances, parking lots or other limited areas.

ANPR Number Plate Reading

The ANPR Module features automatic number plate recognition, vehicle image capture, vehicle list management, and more. Other functions have also been optimised for applications in parking lots, entrances & exits to improve your management efficiency and reduce costs. It helps ensure parking access safety with functions including real-time video monitoring, passing vehicle capture, whitelist & blacklist, automatic/manual barrier gate control and remaining parking number display. It also supports record and search of vehicle information, traffic report and various alarm rules for management optimisation.

“Called Security Smart UK after i was burgled they were out the next day advising me on what cameras to use for my property and gave me a plenty of information on the CCTV cameras. There staff were efficient and very professional on my property. Would highly recommend them for a more personal approach to business.”


“Security Smart UK and the team installed a FULL HD IP System for my mother due to break ins on the street and was obviously worried for her i can now view her house from my iPad and receive motion detection alerts which is great peace of mind for me. Can’t recommend the team enough thanks again”