“Every 37 seconds a home somewhere in Britain is burgled.”

CCTV Installation for Home & Business

With crime on the increase and cuts in budgets protecting your home or business is something you cannot overlook. Leaving your property unprotected leaves you at risk installing CCTV lowers the risk substantially. CCTV is an excellent tool when protecting your home or business against crime. It’s simple CCTV helps deter thieves and you can use CCTV footage to provide evidence if needed against a range of crimes. Just having a simple piece of mind is something you cannot put a price on.

With professional installation and providing you the best system available for your property, we can give you something that will defend your home against crime. Don’t settle for cheap CCTV kits from eBay if you want superb quality we can help you.

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CCTV Systems we install

We install Hikvision IP Systems which provide the highest quality with the best value for money on today’s market. The 4 Megapixel range of cameras is one of our most popular lines due to the high quality, reliability and diverse use, IP CCTV is simply more advanced than any other format using cat5/6 network cabling which requires only 1 cable to the camera, the NVR recorder is a standalone network device just like the cameras.

Once your IP CCTV system is installed we would then configure your system for remote viewing across smartphones and tablets which means you can keep an eye on your property when you’re on the beach.


Main benefits of IP CCTV

  • Excellent Night Vision on all cameras. We promise you superb night vision
  • Greater choice of cameras
  • Greater resolutions available such as 4K and 360 Fisheye
  • Smarter Software such as Face Detection, Intrusion Detection
  • Easy connection
  • More storage using compression  methods such as H.265+
  • Capable of providing video resolutions 2560×1440 pixels which are 30% greater than 1080P full HD.
  • Better Night vision available

We have tailored bespoke CCTV systems to meet every budget, it doesn’t matter how small or large your property is we cater for all sizes.


Example of a Home or business CCTV System

  • NVR Recorder (minimum 4 Cameras can be connected)
  • FULL HD 1080P Minimum quality, up to 4K available
  • Hard Drive for recording footage
  • 1+ CCTV Camera with a minimum of 20Metres night vision on your cheapest camera
  • Remote viewing on all smart devices, Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX
  • 3 Year warranty on all systems installed
  • After sales support always

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“Called Security Smart UK after i was burgled they were out the next day advising me on what cameras to use for my property and gave me a plenty of information on the CCTV cameras. There staff were efficient and very professional on my property. Would highly recommend them for a more personal approach to business.”


“Security Smart UK and the team installed a FULL HD IP System for my mother due to break ins on the street and was obviously worried for her i can now view her house from my iPad and receive motion detection alerts which is great peace of mind for me. Can’t recommend the team enough thanks again”