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Security Smart UK install CCTV across Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, and parts of London we can supply and install a huge range of affordable yet high-quality CCTV equipment for your home or business, no matter what the size of your property we can help you fight crime.

Crime causes huge pain and distress, the feeling of having somebody intruding in your home or business can leave you feeling violated for years. That’s why its time to consider using CCTV to boost levels of security in your property.

Call our friendly team today for a free no obligation quote and let Security Smart UK professionally design & install your CCTV system don’t settle for anything less.


We install all your mobile devices for remote viewing!

The app doesn’t just work on phones, you can also use your tablet or computers to view your property. Works on iOS and Android. With easy to use software it couldn’t be easier to keep watch over your property.


You can start using you current TV straight away with HDMI to view your cameras, no need for additional screens.


Our systems are very user friendly, there is no need to study manuals to operate the equipment. They have simple yet functional menus.


How to store your footage? Choose from a selection of hard drive sizes to suit your needs.


You can view your property remotely without incurring any additional or on going fees.

“Called Security Smart UK after i was burgled they were out the next day advising me on what cameras to use for my property and gave me a plenty of information on the CCTV cameras. There staff were efficient and very professional on my property. Would highly recommend them for a more personal approach to business.”


“Security Smart UK and the team installed a FULL HD IP System for my mother due to break ins on the street and was obviously worried for her i can now view her house from my iPad and receive motion detection alerts which is great peace of mind for me. Can’t recommend the team enough thanks again”


Why Choose Us

Smart CCTV, Intercoms, Alarms & CCTV

You have worked hard to get to where you are now. The last thing you want is a criminal to take it all away. It is sad that we need to go to great lengths to protect our homes and businesses today, but it has become a necessity. If you do not have security systems in place, you are simply asking for trouble. Here at Security Smart UK, we offer a wide range of security solutions, including intercoms, alarms and CCTV in Essex and the surrounding areas. We can ensure that criminals are deterred and that you feel secure in your own home and business, as you should.

We supply and install an extensive range of affordable yet high quality CCTV for your home or business. No matter the size of your property, we can help you to protect your assets and fight crime. We treat all of our clients individually; we don’t operate a one-size-fits-all. We familiarise ourselves with your property and your ultimate goals, and we design the perfect bespoke security solution for you.

We all like to think that crime won’t happen to us, but in the current day and age, you really cannot afford to take this risk. Take a look at some of the security services we supply in more detail below:

CCTV Installation

We provide cutting edge CCTV in Essex and beyond. Did you know that a home is burgled every 37 seconds in the UK? We do not want you to be one of these statistics, which is why we provide state of the art CCTV. Not only does CCTV provide evidence should you be the victim of a crime, but also it acts as a very effective deterrent, ensuring you are not targeted in the first place.

There are many companies offering CCTV installation today, but most of them do not provide the level of service we offer. Our Smart CCTV solution is one of a kind. It comes with a wide range of features that go above and beyond standard CCTV technology, including Face Detection. Our CCTV solution will take a picture of any human face that comes into your property, storing it on your NVR box. You can then review all recordings that relate to the face. You will be able to see all of the times that the person in question has visited your property. This is also especially beneficial for business owners, as they can obtain a blacklist of human faces that are known to have committed crime in the local area. If one of these faces appears on your premises, an alarm will be sent to your smartphone.


We also have a great assortment of intercoms. An intercom will add an extra layer of protection, as it enables you to see or speak to the person outside of your home before you let them inside. With our smart technology, your system can be integrated with your smartphone, enabling you to see who visits your home when you are not there, for example, when you are on holiday.

If you are interested in Smart CCTV, security alarms or any of the other services we provide please do not hesitate to get in touch. We cover East Anglia and parts of London. You can use the online contact form below to get a FREE quote within 24 hours. You are under no obligation to use our service by doing so. Alternatively, you can send an email to, and we will get back to you as soon as possible, or speak to a member of our team directly on 01787 228 448.